Better late than never is our motto here at Dabs, and this review of the Action Bronson MicroG-Pen from Genco is about two years late.

But boy does that thing smoke.

To put it in the words of the Mighty Bronsoliño himself, “fuck, that’s delicious.” Because after not only some OG Shatter from Dream Team but then some Lake Tahoe Crumble from LoudPack, the only thing as happy as our taste buds are our brain buds.

What once was a $150 pack came as a $50 steal consisting of two pens–battery pack, coil compartment, and mouthpiece– five mouthpiece covers, a wall charger, two empty wax jars, and a dabber designed by the man himself, sporting a deeper scoop than most to aid in the pouring of crumble or gathering of goop.

With this device, we find the crumble is king. Easier to apply than shatter or honey oil, the crumble can be dropped or dabbed directly to the coil with little effort. With the shatter, once it got the littlest bit soft, it became a bitch of ride to apply the wax.

Charges hold for up to five days on a fully charged new battery, and the coil stays good for at least three months. With two coils available, we suggest sticking with one for as long as possible to extend your use of the pack.

Our pro tips for hitting are to press the button for a few seconds before pulling, allowing for the coil to heat up. After those moments, take a hit, and puff almost as if puffing a cigar, to build up the smoke. Then with a few more seconds holding the button, let go, and press again, holding down again for a few. Repeat as necessary, but make sure to not hit the piece dry. Always keep some wax on the coil when hitting, so as not to burn out the coil.

Thank you, Genco and our main man Bam Bam, for the cleanest G-Pen hits we’ve had in years.

Check out the Action Bronson MicroG-Pen here