One of the pastimes for the youth of South Africa is spinning. It used to be illegal, but is now taking on the country by storm. It’s not just doing donuts in a parking lot and squealing your tires. It’s twisting, turning, tread churning craziness that includes stunts.

That’s right – with modern spinning, it’s a show more than the desire to smoke a parking lot. People jump onto their cars. They hang out of open doors. Drivers will even jump out of moving cars and then jump back into them. It’s like watching Tokyo Drift, but better.

Why Is South Africa Embracing This Motorsport?

In a country where the population is still sharply divided in many ways because of its history of apartheid, spinning is something that can bring everyone together. Gender, race, and culture bring people together. It doesn’t discriminate by social class either. The high class, the poor, and everyone else all come together to have fun watching cars twist and turn.

Will spinning come across the ocean and bridge other cultures together? Some say that once you start spinning, you will not stop. The idea of having a bunch of guys jumping on top of cars, however, is also reminiscent of the 80’s movies Footloose or Teen Wolf and the car surfing phase that Americans had 10-20 years ago.

There is a difference between car surfing and spinning, however. That’s gotta be said. Car surfing often involved high speed, straight-line travel. Spinning is forced to lower speeds because of its nature – you can only go so fast when turning a car sideways.