By Parker Winship

Anchorage, Alaska’s Mayor Dan Sullivan proposed a ban on unlicensed extraction labs to his city assembly on Tuesday. Local TV news outlet KTUU reports that this is an attempt to curb accidental explosions in amateur-run laboratories.

Later this month, Ballot Measure 2 takes effect Alaska, making possession of up to one ounce or six plants completely legal in the state for anyone 21 and over. The mayor’s office stated that other American regions have undergone an increase in extraction-related injuries following similar legalization.

Mayor Sullivan’s proposal actually seems pretty reasonable, considering that Alaska has already seen fires from butane extraction, including a recent explosion in the Fairbanks area. The awesomely moderate part of his argument is that the city would not outlaw extraction across the board, just regulate and license it the same way most industrial processes involving highly flammable chemicals are. This regulation could also lead to higher-quality product for the local consumer.

What the proposal seems to be saying is that marijuana extraction can be like any other business – say coal mining or construction work, with rules and regulations to run safely. What the proposal might mean is that extraction could one day be boring. It will be a great day when making, selling, buying, and smoking dabs is no big thing, like cracking a beer. No long debate about safety and laws every time you light a torch.

But we’ll have to wait and see how it shakes out. The subject will be up for a public hearing in Anchorage on February 17.

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Parker Winship