Did you know that marijuana consumption in any form actually suppresses rapid-eye movement [REM] sleep cycle?

It’s not that rem sleep doesn’t happen. Weed just puts you into a deeper state of relaxation, so that you don’t rapidly wake up and remember your dreams. When you stop consuming marijuana, your body struggles to adapt for a few days to the new routine. That’s when the craziness begins.

When your body goes through the natural sleep cycle, dreams are often not remembered. When people will say they don’t ever dream, it’s not because they aren’t doing it: it’s because they don’t wake up in the middle of every dream. When habitual smokers stop, the ability to remember dreams tends to come back very acutely- but that doesn’t mean that smokers aren’t also dreaming. Weed just lets you go to the next sleep stage, where you don’t remember them.

There’s also what is called the “rebound effect.” When you don’t remember your dreams for awhile, they become more vivid when you do. You’ll wake up with memories of smells, tastes, and touch sensations.

The crazy dreams end in about 3 weeks if you keep away from the ganj. Then you’re in a world with no bud no crazy dreams. Sounds kind of boring.