Marijuana fans and advocates are travelling to Boston this weekend for a convention that displays everything weed – or “tree” as the locals call it.

The gathering has a range of panels regarding the cultivation and medicinal use. Other events include an examination of how medical marijuana works as well as the politics of pot legalization.

People from across the state are travelling for the pot-fuelled weekend, which promises to be a great way for patients and non-medical users to meet and learn more about the plant.

There is even a panel that shows you how to cook with cannabis, adding a foodie twist to the whole weekend as well as giving attendees the opportunity to learn a new culinary experience that will have them high as a kite in no time.

The convention is taking place on Saturday and Sunday and is hosted at the Castle at Park Plaza, which can be found in downtown Boston. The convention has taken off this year, as more and more people are growing to accept marijuana, and with the legalisation of pot in other states.

While no dispensaries have opened in Massachusetts as of yet, the movement has gained considerable momentum. Local Marijuana activists hope to put a question on the 2016 ballot that would make marijuana fully legal in Massachusetts and decriminalize possession entirely.