Willie Nelson wants you to be his new extraction artist. The county music legend is adding concentrates to his line of Willie’s Reserve cannabis products and he’s looking for at least one good peep to get that hash oil super fire, according to the company’s jobs page.

CO2 looks to be the solvent of choice, judging from the Reserve product lineup. For now, the company isn’t publicising shatter or crumble, just hash oil for vape pens. Not missing a trick, the Red Headed Stranger offers cartridges (sold with his own monogrammed line of mouthpieces and chargers), as well as disposable vape pens. Concentrates come in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties.

The 83 year-old isn’t looking for any old ‘tane cook to make his batches. He wants someone with a vision who will have pretty much free reign over the direction of the company’s concentrates. From the description given on the position’s webpage, the “lead extractor” will do pretty much everything, being “responsible for the company’s overall extraction setup, staffing, equipment purchasing, processing protocols, strategy, and day to day production while supervising a team of extraction technicians.”

As for minimum qualifications for the job, the bar is higher than Willie after smoking the resin out of his beard. They include: “Experience/Knowledge operating IES, Apeks, Eden, Waters Supercritical Equipment… 2+ years of cannabis industry experience,” and “2+ years of commercial laboratory experience,” along with some education in the field: “A degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Engineering, Mechanics, or related field preferred, A.A.S. considered.”

If you’re a Colorado resident who wants to work for one of the coolest, most interesting, most talented singer-songwriters in American popular music industry, you could probably do worse than to jump on the chance right now. The company’s also offering other jobs, including Compliance Officer, Bookkeeper/ Admin / Office Assistant, Production Manager, and Sales Director. Willie’s Reserve is expected to hit the shelves of Colorado pot shops by the end of the summer.


Photo via Flickr user Bob Tilden