Willie Nelson is now 81 years of age and people are still rocking out at his Heartbreaker Banquet, the annual festival and fundraiser held with SXSW.

The singer has now decided to launch his very own weed, called Willie’s Reserve. So what is Willie’s Reserve?

Willie Nelson has spent his whole life smoking both industrial hemp and marijuana. Willie has stated that he wants Willie’s Reserve to be something that reflects his passion. The strain was developed to draw attention to social and environmental issues, and Willie hopes his store will reflect his personality and life as well as his love of greenery.  

Willie said he’ll sell his own pot, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any opportunities for growers. They call this the anti-Wal-Mart model. By empowering small time growers who believe in doing the right thing, Willie hopes to create an umbrella of products that meet his core beliefs.

So how many stores is Willie planning on opening? He believes that new opportunities will present themselves state by state, and plans to open his very first one at the start of the next calendar year.

Willie also said that it is a possibility that they will go on to open more stores where pot is currently legal, including Colorado, Alaska, Washington DC and Washingto