Weed in the USA has reached a state of conflicting extremes. On one hand, cannabis is more legal than it’s ever been since since original prohibition at 28 states and counting (medically speaking, and extract technology is taking the world of getting high to new heights. On the other, less cool hand, national law enforcement takes its cues from an Attorney General who thinks that only bad people smoke marijuana.

So it’s no surprise in the middle of all this tempestuous and terpenes and THC that America is having one of its most notable 420’s on record. In one day, Wiz Khalifa gave us a way to grow weed with our phones, Alex Jones enlightened us on the conspiracy to brain damage the nation through ultra-fire bud, teenagers organized to try to stop stoners from getting stoned, and the Los Angeles city government made a surprise move to forgive transgressors of weed business law. And that doesn’t even cover the hundreds of organized gatherings and thousands upon thousands of dank seshes.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the best goings on during the 4/20 of 2017…

Los Angeles Forgave Two Dozen Dispensaries

In the past, LA has used 4/20 as an occasion to raid dispensaries and shut them down. This year, cannabis providers feared they’d see something similar, but were surprised to find the exact opposite. More than two dozen marijuana collectives in LA County were set to be closed down by the sheriff’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary Enforcement Team, but this week the city’s Board of Supervisors chose not to fund the program, essentially giving these dispensaries a reprieve, temporarily at least.

“Up until today, we were thinking we might have busts this 4/20,” Kathleen Villarreal, a marijuana business consultant, told LA Weekly. “The vote definitely gave us a breath of fresh air. Every single day we wake up, we don’t know whether or not those doors are coming down.”

A Billionaire Conspiracy Is Brain Damaging American’s With Super-Strong Weed

That’s according to Info Wars’ Alex Jones, who’s engaged in a very high-profile custody battle this week which is either horrifying (if you’re his family) or hugely entertaining (if you’re anyone else). While testifying under oath about his cannabis habits, the uber-conservative media personality said he uses marijuana for the good of the nation, “to monitor its strength, which is how law enforcement does it.”

He added that increasing potency has “brain damaged a lot of people,” and that progressive billionaire philanthropist and cannabis advocate George Soros is largely to blame for this. It’s not quite as good the satanic plot to take over America, but we’ll take it.

High Schoolers Organized To Protest Smoking Weed

Yep. Some students of Gardena High School in Los Angeles spent their 4/20 on arguing against smoking weed. They even brought props of smashed up cars to warn about the dangers of driving stoned. Too bad all the stoners probably took the day off to hit their brand new bong they got for the occasion, so they might have missed their mark. Besides, we all know the ones who don’t smoke in high school are the ones who go extra dabaholic once they go to college.

Wiz Khalifa Dropped His New App Weed Farm

Man, that Wiz can really do everything. Besides recording and touring, he’s got his own weed strain named after him, and now he’s dropped what he’s calling the FarmVille of weed apps. Weed Farm is a game modeled on the ins/outs/ups/downs of producing and selling your own weed crops.

The game, which Wiz says is “better than Pokémon,” is meant to “create an authentic experience, capturing the state of the marijuana industry by seizing opportunities in entrepreneurial fashion, reinvesting into business, and compounding returns. In subsequent releases, the player will be able to expand their operations across the US and eventually the entire world as weed is legalized within the game.” So, now people in the weed business can take a break from the stresses of buying and selling real weed by buying selling the fake stuff.

Happy 420 Everybody!