The holiday season ain’t over just yet. You can pack up your wreaths and boughs of holly, just as long as you leave some of your other green merry-makers out. In case you’re not too keen on metaphors, we’re talking about weed. Weedy-weedy weed. Cuz it’s almost Cannabis Cup SoCal time. And unlike Christmas, in 2016, the HTCC SoCal does not come but once a year. It’s coming at you two weekends in a row: January 30 and 31, and the following weekend February 5-7, all at the San Burnadooby NOS Events Center.

And though Santa might not be making an appearance, some other magical pipe smokers will. High Times announced today that some top notch hip-hop acts are going to show up and try to penetrate through the dabbed out fog and rock the socks off some stoners, namely: Wiz Khalifa, Method Man & Red Man, The Roots, and De La Soul. De La Soul and The Roots will take the first weekend while Wiz Khalifa and Method Man & Red Man will perform February 5 and 6, respectively.

And that will probably not be that, as far as live entertainment is concerned. Every year, the craziness of vendor stages inside the medicated area (the place where it is cool to smoke) has been escalating. Last year, Vader Extracts had D-12, the Playmate of the Year, and Deputy Dewey himself David Arquette stop by. The way things are going, this year Moxie 710 will probably have a stage featuring Tupac’s hologram and Vader will have the Rolling Stones.

Should be a good time as always. We’ll be there or be square. Day passes are $45 and a pass to the whole shabang costs a whole lot more but you can decide for yourself if getting blazed to the cool rhythms of the Tonight Show band is worth your hard earned dollars by perusing ticket options here.

Photo by Carlos Sical

Parker Winship