In Alamogordo, New Mexico, a woman drove her van for over thirteen years without having any notion there was marijuana hidden inside it, as reported by the Japan Times. The woman purchased the 1990 Chevrolet van at one of her local dealerships back in 2001 so she would have more room to take her daughter’s children to school, as well as having more space to carry her belongings. After 13 years of driving the same vehicle every day, she had no idea that she was transporting over 13 pounds of marijuana.

The marijuana was hidden inside one of the vehicle doors, and it was discovered by a family friend. The discovery was only made when the door panel was removed to repair a broken handle. After reporting the matter to the police, the pot was then said to be so old that it was practically worthless and so no action was taken.

After the door was dismantled, a hole was cut inside the door which then revealed over five bricks of marijuana. The marijuana was covered in plastic wrap and foil to keep it fresh, however after 13 years it is no longer of any use.

There is no real way of telling how old the marijuana actually is, because it was hidden in the door long before the car was purchased by the woman in question. There is also no way of tracing the marijuana back to the original owner, and after over a decade, there really isn’t much point in trying too either.

Somewhere in the Southwest there’s an old burner watching the news and slapping himself on the forehead. “That’s where I left it.”