Famous movie star and pothead Woody Harrelson is putting his hat in the ring to be one of the chosen few who will get to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii later this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Though medical marijuana has been legal in the islands since 2000, there hasn’t been a regulated dispensary system until this year.

Of the 66 dispensary applications to the Hawaii Department of Health, only 8 will be permitted to open up collectives this summer. Hawaii’s oddly exclusive dispensary system has been under scrutiny by Dabs Magazine before. Last year when the state’s new MMJ plan was unveiled, we noted that applicants had to be able to show they had at least $1 million dollars in cash in order to be considered.

Here’s how we expressed our concerns at the time: “[The decision] effectively [takes] the potential gold mine of a medical marijuana business out of the hands of small growers and putting them into the hands of venture capitalists and successful business owners.”

So, it’s no big surprise that of the relatively few cannabis entrepreneurs who could afford to apply for a collective, one of them would be a famous actor of film and television. Others applicants include Henk Rogers, who trademarked and distributed a little video game called Tetris, as well as TV producer Dirk Fukushima.

Harrelson has long been an advocate of smoking that weed. He’s served on the NORML advisory board since 2003 and narrated the marijuana documentary Grass in 1999. He is also known for environmental activism and for being Matthew McConaughey’s bud, which pretty much qualifies him for anything.