Net Neutrality advocates are in high spirits because, after a long back-and-forth, the FFC has released a statement saying that they are going to approve a new regulation that will classify the internet as a public utility. That means providers can’t add that VIP tax on websites that they really, really wanted to and that Comcast pulled on Netflix last year.

Internet providers have sometimes demanded that websites need to pay them more if they want to experience faster speeds and a more reliable connection overall for their customers. Failure to do so would hinder their connection, with wavering speeds and a generally poorer service. Comcast did this to Netflix last year, however according to the new legislation; companies will no longer be able to do this.

Amateur pundits are soon to be sending their complaints, however this change does not give the federal government the power to tax the internet. The FFC, who released the statement is not actually a tax authority either, and both Obama and Congress have agreed that neither of them have any intention of placing a tax on the internet in the near future.

The New York Times hasreported that republicans are very unlikely to try and reverse this decision. Internet providers however are not happy with this change, and so they are expected to drag this entire process out as long as possible, making it incredibly expensive in an attempt to prevent new rules from coming into place.

This was obviously going to happen all along, and although they might not be able to change the final ruling, they can do everything to make sure that their business isn’t hindered again, yet for now this is a big win for net neutrality, the world being a better place, and you getting that next cat video on your phone two seconds sooner.