The eighth wonder of the world is coming to Las Vegas: the largest bong ever made by mankind. The 22 foot-tall sucker has to be shipped to Sin City from Seattle, and is made by an outlaw glass-blower who says the record-breaking work is a political statement.

The bong will be featured at a new museum in Las Vegas, the Cannabition, an “immersive cannabis museum” which opens July 1 and will charge a meager $4.20 entry fee. Among its attractions are 360 degree-theater showing an unspecified something-or-other and the 22 foot wonder bong which is currently being completed by Jerome Baker Designs, a Seattle-based glass-blowing company, and spearheaded by artists Jason Harris.

The project requires 15 experienced glass-blowers working together, the work described by a VICE reporter as “something like a synchronized dance in their movement—they work mostly in concentrated silence but all know their roles, subtly shifting into exactly the right place in their own rhythms.”

Harris had previously achieved a sort of infamy as one of the people targeted by the 2003 crackdown on pipe-makers, the same one that led to the arrest and imprisonment of Tommy Chong. Though the laws and the priority of the lawmakers have changed in the last decade and a half, Harris says that they’re still very much on his mind.

“I think the laws all need to be clarified,” Harris told VICE. “Right now, with all of the legalization in different states, traveling in airports, there is a lot of gray area with this whole subject. I think it’s part of the intrigue, but it’s also part of the problem. I don’t like seeing people get arrested for making pipes out of glass.”

He says that his new historical work, the 22 foot bong, “is a statement, about the state of the laws right now… I make giant bongs as a representation of art, to show this metaphor.”

Photo via Flickr user Fernando Armijo