What has been called “The World’s Most Expensive Joint” was sold last week at in auction in downtown Los Angeles for $4,000. Though that might sound like a colossally dumb way to spend money, there are actually at least three reasons why it wasn’t:

  1. It was rolled by Weavers

Dudes are like the Picasso of rolling jays. World famous artists who make smokable bazookas and knives that B-Real smokes. And their big $4K joint of course, actually looks pretty cool. It would be a shame to smoke it. Why can’t you have your joint and smoke it too?

  1. It actually does have a shit ton of product inside it

Inside this bad boy is more than a pound of cannabis flower, two ounces of bubble hash, and six ounces of concentrate, as reported by High Times. Smoking it all at once out of a giant blunt might not be the most efficient way to consume all that goodness, but if you take the street value of the product, add in the time to craft it, and the signature work of art, it’s probably not that far off from $4,000.

Oh, and the whole thing is also cased in 24K gold blunt wrap, so there’s that too.

  1. It’s for a good cause

The joint itself is in the shape of an elephant tusk, which is symbolic of the thing that it’s protesting. You dig? We’re talking about protecting elephants and other beautiful creatures from poachers and such. Specifically, the money netted for the World’s Most Expensive Joint went to The African Wildlife Foundation.

“Elephants are being slaughtered in unprecedented numbers,” said Lex Corwin, founder of Stone Road Farms, which hosted the event. “Our generation could literally wipe the most majestic land animal off the face of the earth for all future generations.”

You might need a pound of weed and eight ounces of hash to get over that bummer.

But the message is powerful: if you are a rich asshole with enough money to buy a $4,000 joint, then your money should probably go to helping out somebody or some animal who needs it. Maybe the same thing goes for people who are a little bit less rich, but could spend a little bit of their weed money on endangered species. If that’s true, for instance, of you, dear reader, then donate some of that moolah right here.