“Straight up love and warmth and tits and honey.” That’s how one DMT user described the experience recently to Vice.

Dimethyltryptamine or DMT is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body, like the active parts of most drugs, and when taken correctly can send you on a good trip. It’s best smoked, sending the user into a whole new world. The first toke will normally bring colours in a little more vividly, and after a few more, the user will burst into an entirely new reality. It is said to be indescribable and while the world around you changes, you stay in your own mind, as sane as ever, but somewhere else. Users have reported otherworldly entities coming and being overjoyed to see them, speaking language that can’t be reproduced after the trip has ended, and entering a different dimension all together.

A startling number of DMT users have reported interactions with the otherworldly entities, described as elves, cartoonlike people, jokers, etc., and although some people report being annoyed by these beings, they’re definitely something to behold, described by some as unlike life as we know it on earth. While some people can definitely go on a ‘bad trip’, they are fewer than those experienced on mushrooms or acid.

The trip is definitely unlike anything most people have ever experienced. Users have reported feeling like a god, said it was like living in a kaleidoscope, like being safe, living in the womb. Despite the powerful trip, users still generally manage to hold onto their sense of reality well enough to know if they’re acting stupid or being laughed at. Even while being transported to another reality, the two realities seem to merge somewhat, as though they’re on a higher plain. The trip lasts a relatively short time – with acid or mushrooms you can be a little trippy for a full day, but the DMT trip tends to come quickly and leave quickly.

The way that the body accepts DMT is unlike any other drug. The brain accepts it eagerly, transporting the substance across the blood-brain barrier like it does with no other drug. The body absorbs it quickly and naturally.