One can’t explore the Toronto scene without running into someone who procured something from Bum’s Trading Zone. It’s a Facebook group, recently reported on by VICE, that feels like a hipster swap meet in the Cloud where you can trade knick-knacks for booze and pizza for weed.

If you search on Facebook right now, you’ll find a BTZ dedicated to several cities.

That’s a problem for the bums (a self-given name) that like to barter on Bum’s. Facebook has been stepping up enforcement on certain rules that govern groups. It’s also rather inconvenient to scroll through a newsfeed full of junk to find one perfect golden nugget. That’s why BTZ is developing an official app.

Maybe one day Bum’s Trading Zones will conquer the world so that all the planet’s commodities can be traded for beer or weed without a problem. The strange, sometimes cheesy jokes that hit the group on an almost daily basis offer a unique atmosphere for trading. Some entrepreneurs have flipped trades for cash and scored big time, but they’ve been outed and banned for doing so.

That doesn’t make Bum’s anti-capitalist. It just means that the point of life isn’t always to make money. Sometimes it’s better to have a little fun and get a six-pack of beer instead.

Photo from the BTZ Facebook group, via Facebook