The great thing about cannabis is that it is a true equalizer, enjoyed by men, women, and gender non-binaries of all races and most creeds. The poor like smoking weed and so do the rich; the only difference is that poor people can’t afford their own $40 million cannabis mansion. In fact, most rich people can’t either. But the very very rich can and some very very rich asshole is probably soon going to be buying a high-end mansions dedicated to growing and consuming cannabis which is about to go on the Los Angeles housing market.

TMZ has announced that big time super-duper bigass mansion developer Ray Nosrati is putting together five mansions with absurd marijuana amenities that would make you laugh and/or cry to see in real life. Sure, there will be really nice bongs and vaporizers pre-installed and special equipment to cook your own edible delicacies, but that’s really nothing compared to the main attraction:

Each home will also come equipped with its own “cannabis conservatory,” as reported by High Times, complete with a smoke lounge, an infinity pool, a grand piano, and a cultivation gallery where you can grow up to six cannabis plants, the legal limit in California.

But by “you” we don’t mean you millionaires and billionaires out there. You peeps don’t have to do shit, because the house will also come with its very own dedicated full-time harvester, or “Weed Butler” if you like. As reported by TMZ, this grower “will work magic for 2 years cultivating, watering, fertilizing and harvesting crops and/or vegetables using organic hydroponics.”

According to Nosrati, the first two mansions are expected to go on the market this summer, so if you want to get your very own you should probably start putting a little extra in that piggy bank of yours now.