Eat that, D.O.J. This CBD ain’t on no controlled substances list. It’s legal. And nobody even had to make some horrible hyper-crazed synthetic cannabis concoction to do it. Those of you with a little bit of weed science schooling won’t be shocked to hear that cannabidiol (CBD) occurs in nature outside of the cannabis plant. And now some enterprising peeps have found a way to extract it into a nice legal oil.

The peeps in question are the Peak Health Foundation, who have used a patented form of the hops (or humulus plant) as their source of CBD. Now PHF has made its product, called Real Scientific Humulus Oil (RHSO-K), available nationwide at Medical Marijuana Inc.

As reported by Westword, the innovation is the result of experimentation by Bomi Joseph in India. Joseph cross-pollinated the humulus yunnanensis plant, a different species than the kind of hops used to make beer, with nearby cannabis plants.

The result was a hops plant with an 18% CBD content. Apparently the kriya is even capable of producing other cannabinoids such as THC, but Joseph and his team are concentrating on CBD for now.

Joseph extracts the plant into CBD oil at PHF, the San Francisco holistic medicine center where he is director.

Though a major breakthrough in cannabis science, RHSO-K will be hard to build upon. Westword reports that Joseph holds a patent not only on the kriya humulus plant, but also on “the modification of any other humulus plant to produce CBD and cannabinoids.”

Medical Marijuana Inc. CEO Stuart Titus says he’s optimistic about the potential effects of RHSO-K. “This is certainly going to help change the dialogue for not only many parents whose children have epilepsy,” he says, “but various other world markets which still, of course, consider cannabis part of the United Nations single convention treaty on narcotics.”