There’s been more talk about cannabis dependency lately: is it becoming more common? less common? how come? how bad is it for you? But not too many people have been talking about what the difference is between needing weed and liking weed (or even liking weed a whole lot) is.

So, this is an interesting one. A new study looks at one variable which seems to actually make young people like weed more while needing it less. (In other words, forming a more healthy relationship to cannabis.) And that variable is being in an area full of total snowflake cucks.

Research published in the International Journal of Drug Policy (via The Verge) compiled data on drug use from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health and crossed that nerd-style with data which rates how conservative or liberal a state is.

That data came from the State Rank on Policy Liberalism Index, which compares a state’s policies on issues including abortion access, collective bargaining, federal assistance programs, gun control, and taxes. Data was collected over an eight year period, ending in 2011.

The researchers pressed some buttons and made some spreadsheets and, voila, here are the findings:

  • More people, whether they’re in a red or blue states, reported using cannabis.
  • In liberal states, cannabis use among people 18-25 rose from 33% to 37%.
  • In conservative states, cannabis use among people 18-25 rose less, from 25 to 26%.
  • Fewer people, whether they’re in red or blue states, were suffering from “cannabis use disorder” (CUD), or cannabis dependency.
  • In liberal states, CUD fell from 20% to 17%.
  • In conservative states, CUD fell from 22% to 18%.

That means that even though fewer people were using less cannabis in conservative states, more of them were becoming dependent on it. Conversely, even though everybody and their mother under 25 was using weed in liberal states, fewer of them were becoming dependent.

So, what’s that about? Just like most things in life, we don’t know yet. That’s according to the study’s author, Morgan Philbin, a professor of sociomedical sciences at Columbia University. There might be no relationship between liberalism and weed use. Maybe they’re both caused by some other factor like alien blood in the water supply. Who knows?

But Philbin said he’s going to keep at it. Next, he’s going to do some more research into correlations between cannabis regulation and use. We’re pretty sure, though, that it’s all about alien blood.

Photo via Flickr user WeedPornDaily