You ever have one of those nights when you take a couple dabs and you have a revelation and decide to make a resolution. Maybe it’s that you’re done with eating junk food or that you’re done dabbing or that you’re never going to touch another cigarette so long as you live so help you god. So, you toss out your wax or your Doritos or your Camel Crushes. But then maybe the next morning in the sober light of day you’re picking through your garbage bag, lovingly washing the coffee grounds or what have you off of your Tangie shatter, and come back to your senses.

Maybe that is what happened to the several government agencies that teamed up for the misguided mission “Operation Smoke Out” this summer. Not one, not two, but six policing organizations must have been too fucked up to remember that the plant they had pooled millions of dollars and done military combat training to destroy was the same one that was curing cancer and paying for Colorado’s schools.

A task force comprised of Indiana State Police, the Indiana National Guard Counter Drug Task Force, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Forest Service, Civil Air Patrol, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources seized and eradicated over 5,000 marijuana plants on 146 different plots in August. According to the Dubois County Herald, Operation Smoke Out utilized “personnel, intelligence and aircraft support to scour a large portion of southern Indiana with aircraft surveillance, which was augmented by mobile ground teams” in order to rid the world of the evil anti-social drug which has been advocated by many of America’s best-known doctors, is the subject of an upcoming NBC sitcom, and whose businesses will likely soon be trading on the Nasdaq.

The OSO says hopefully these initial raids will lead to more raids until every grain of the school-supporting, epilepsy-curing plant is wiped off the face of Indiana and hoosiers are forced to make meth their new drug of choice.